20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

20 things i've learned in 20 years growing up learning

I just recently celebrated my 20th birthday (bye bye awkward teen years), so I thought I’d write a post about all the things I’ve learned in those 20 years (some are more serious than others).

1) How not to care

I think this is the most important thing I’ve learned. Buy that slightly out-there fashion piece, have a laugh and ignore the onlookers, uphold the strong opinion you have. 9 time out of 10, the person that saw you do something embarrassing will never see you again anyway.

2) You can have more than one best friend

I’ve met so many people in my 20 years – some just recently, and I’ve learnt that it’s perfectly ok to have more than one best friend. I think you value different traits in different people and that’s why they’re your best friend.

3) I enjoy blogging

I started this blog at the beginning of January 2017 and went self-hosted in September (if you want to find out the process I went through, click here). I wanted a different hobby that I could do from my own bedroom if I didn’t have time to go out, and blogging is just perfect for that. I’ve learned so many technical things and met some lovely people.

4) Like whatever music you wanna like

I like country, rock, pop, hip-hop, indie…the list goes on. Just because your family or friends don’t like a certain type of music doesn’t mean you can’t blast it in your car and show them what they’re missing!

5) I love travelling

I never used to understand why people in their twenties love to travel – now I totally get it! If it’s travelling to the other side of the world or another city in the UK – I want to do it!

6) Being kind can get you everywhere

Manners cost you nothing. Not everyone is nice back but there’s nothing stopping you getting that little buzz when you’re kind to someone.

7) There’s nothing wrong with wanting time alone

I’ve suffered from panic attacks and anxiety in the last couple of years and I didn’t understand why there were some days that I just wanted to be on my own. I now understand that this is healthy and I am allowed this time!

8) I love going to the theatre

My favourite time of the year is panto season – my city puts on a great panto with great actors and fantastic comedy! As well as panto season, I love going to see musicals in the theatre. My favourite one by far was when I saw Rocky Horror Show. I saw the theatre version before the film and I realised I was missing out on so much!

9) Some people just aren’t worth your time

Not much more to say – when you really think about it, it doesn’t take long for you to figure out who you really need.

10) It’s OK to stand your ground

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT!

11) Learning can be fun

No, I’m not trying to sound like an eager beaver but if you find something you’re interested in, learning more about it can be so fun! Baking, makeup skills, dance, unsolved mysteries, politics (one of my recent discoveries).

12) Peter Pan had it right

So what if I’m now 20?! Do I want to go to Disney World every year and ride all the rides and meet all the characters – HELL YES! Do I wish adult soft-play was a popular thing – Em, yes!!

13) Not everyone will ‘get’ you

Perfectly fine! They’re not riding on your roller-coaster of a life and you’re not riding on theirs!

14) I like change

Living the same way and seeing the same things all the time gets incredibly boring for me!

15) I want to live somewhere else purely for a bit of fun

Even if it’s for 6 months or if that 6 months turns into another 20 years – I want to experience the way of life in another city…or even country (recommendations are welcome)

16) It’s OK to cry at pretty much every Disney film

The beast becomes human again – tears. Mufasa dies – tears. Bambi’s mum dies – tears (you get the point)

17) Laugh – a lot!

I love comedy, I love being around funny people. Laughing ALWAYS brightens your day and there’s funny moments that will live on in your mind forever!

18) Be open-minded

This is one of the most important ones for me. People who only see the world how they want to see it, see nothing.

19) I prefer being sober

I’ve never been drunk and I get anxious at the thought of being drunk. I can have just as much fun sober and I can go to sleep happy (and wake up happy).

20) I’m so thankful I discovered F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I used to watch it every now and then on E4 (remember when it was on there?) and then one year I got the box-set for Christmas. OMG, one of THE BEST discoveries of my life! I can watch an episode for the 6th time and still laugh. Friends is one of my go-to pick me ups and I suggest you incorporate it into your life if you haven’t already!

So that’s 20 things I’ve learned in 20 years – a lot of these are serious lessons that I hope to live by for the rest of my life.

Hope you enjoyed this one,

Sophie xx



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