I recently went to see the latest instalment of the 50 Shades franchise and thought that this should be my latest film review.


So as we saw from the first film, Anastasia had decided that she couldn’t live Christian’s way of life. 50 Shades Darker begins with Christian trying to “win” Ana back once he realises that he cannot live without her. However, this is not the only thing that the couple have to overcome; a few faces from Christian’s past try to interfere with the life that Ana and Christian are trying to build. 50 Shades Darker follow the couple through this time along with some fun adventures.


I’d heard good things before seeing this film and had watched clips and interviews, so to say I was excited to see 50 Shades is quite an understatement. I wasn’t so sure of the first film (I won’t review that one at the same time but it may come in the future). But I will say that I think 50 Shades Darker is a lot better!

I like it more because there’s more romance, more witty comedy, and Christian Grey is more of a human (I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but if you’ve seen the first one you’ll understand what I mean).

After seeing this instalment and after watching some interviews, I’ve discovered a new love for Dakota Johnson. I wasn’t 100% sure of her when I first saw 50 Shades of Grey but after seeing 50 Shades Darker, numerous interviews and 50 Shades of Grey again (yes, in that order) I’ve decided that she’s one of my favourite actresses! I like the emphasis she puts on portraying Ana as an independent woman who knows what she wants, and I like her delivery of the witty lines.
It was nice to see that Christian had a bit more of a personality in Darker. I’ve also watched interviews with Jamie Dornan and I think he’s got a great personality, but this never got to be portrayed through Mr Grey in the first film. I think Jamie does well to portray Christian as a more pleasant character in 50 Shades Darker – Christian is more relaxed and has one or two witty lines of his own. It was great to see this progression of the character.

If you’ve seen the first film, you’ll know that a lot of the sex scenes are focused in the red room and about what goes on in there – I didn’t really like this aspect of the first film. This is one of the other reasons I enjoyed Darker more, the sex scenes are less S&M based, shall we say. They’re a bit more like the kind of scenes you like seeing in a romantic chick flick – i.e. less rules and whips, plus Ana has a lot more independence which is nice to see!

Some aspects of the film are pretty far-fetched and unrealistic – woah, newsflash – but, who cares? I really enjoyed it, I know quite a few people didn’t but everyone has different film preferences, and one of my preferences happens to be light-hearted but intense romance, with some occasional comedy and thrills.


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Sophie x


beccykiernan · May 7, 2017 at 12:21 am

Had to read this post as I’ve read all the fifty shades books and watched both films. I couldn’t agree more with your review. I’ve fallen in love with both characters and I think they’re played so well you think it’s real life!! Lovely read 🙂

Beccy Kiernan
Blogger at https://beccykiernan.co.uk/

bbbryony · February 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm

I haven’t got round to seeing this film yet myself but i’m super excited to see it if it’s even better than the first! fab post x

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