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Apps that I Use Everyday as a Blogger

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As a blogger (and a person in general), I use a lot of apps! I’m writing this post in the hope that other people are as nosy as I am. If you are, here’s the apps that I use everyday –

Social Media

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Let’s start with the obvious…

  • Twitter (sophierayne17) – I love keeping up with other bloggers, discovering new posts, and promoting my own
  • Instagram (sophierayne17) – who doesn’t love aesthetically pleasing feeds? Or Disney World pages?
  • Facebook – I still like Facebook for keeping up with family…and tagging people in memes (let’s be real)
  • Snapchat – Mainly just to keep a streak going, not gonna lie to you

Lifestyle (Blogging)

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  • Pinterest (sophierayne17) – I am so happy I discovered Pinterest. It’s possibly my all time favourite app
  • Buffer – I’m still not content with the fact you can’t rebuffer things but it’s still a useful app!
  • WordPress – This is great to jot down any ideas, check out your stats & reply to comments
  • Gmail – my blog email is through Gmail so I’m usually checking if there’s any comments, new blog posts etc

Lifestyle (General)

  • Spotify – I use this sooo much! I just love how easy it is to discover new songs and set up new playlists
  • Clue – I like keeping track of my mood and working out when mother nature will make an appearance
  • Timehop – I don’t know what it is about looking back at how embarrassing you were on social media but it’s fun!
  • Youtube – I don’t often watch videos on my phone but I like checking if there’s any videos to add to my Watch Later
  • Podcasts – I didn’t used to like listening to Podcasts but I’ve really gotten into it in the last 6 months. I love listening to blogging, business and Ru Paul with Michelle Visage (What’s the Tee?).

What are the apps you use everyday? Do you have use an app that I would like?

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17 thoughts on “Apps that I Use Everyday as a Blogger”

  1. I’m going to have to take a look at the Clue app! Sounds like it’s something that could be useful to me πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing!

  2. I use most of these apps on a daily basis! But I’ve had to switch to buffer on the laptop because it’s just easier to type each tweet on tjere. Wish they hadn’t changed it!
    Ellie x

    1. Yeah I was like that before too as I didn’t really understand Pinterest. It quickly became my favourite after I got to understanding how it works πŸ™‚

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