How to Customise Your Board Covers on Pinterest

Create customised board covers for your pinterest profile on canva

I feel like board covers on Pinterest are quite a “new” thing that I didn’t know I needed until I made them myself.  
Nearly every blog post I’ve read about growing on Pinterest recommends you to customise your board covers so that they correspond with your brand. 

As you can see in the picture below, the boards are a mix of colours and wording and do look a bit of a jumble. Jumble’s can be great sometimes – I’m not saying you MUST create covers for your Pinterest boards, I’m just saying I prefer the way my profile now looks since I’ve done it.

Go from untidy, unclear board covers:

Sophie Rayne Pinterest before customised board covers

To clear, on-brand board covers:

Sophie Rayne Pinterest profile after customising board covers

Here you can see that each of my boards now have a cover and they each correspond with each other. Personally, I think this looks a lot tidier and you can easily tell what each board is about without looking at the board title.

So, how did I do it?

It’s really not that difficult, and was actually really fun if you like the design element to blogging.

Choose your editing software

I use Canva for all of my blog editing. It’s great because you can choose from hundreds of dimensions and templates so that you can get exactly what you need.


There are a few sites online that give you exact dimensions but the “Social Media” template (800×800) was what I used and it works perfectly. 

The Background

Pinterest board cover - Choose your grid on canva elements

Go to the “Elements” section on the left and click “Grids”.
From this you can see there are a variety of backgrounds you can choose from. 
If you want a simple coloured background, then you would choose this from the “Background” section on the left.
I picked the first option as I only wanted one picture.

Pick and edit picture for pinterest board cover on canva editing

This particular board cover I was creating was for my “Baking” board. I therefore wanted cupcakes or cookies. 
Have a think about what picture you need and type a keyword into the “Search” function on the top left. You will be shown many stock pictures and illustrations, some of which are free for you to use and some you have to pay for.
I found this great cupcake stock image which was exactly what I needed.
Fit your chosen image into the grid you inserted earlier and edit the image if you need to using the “Filter” option at the top.

The Board Title

I wanted my title to stand out against the background image so I inserted a shape background by going to – “Elements” – “Shapes” and clicked the first square. I extended the shape so it would fit the board title.

Insert text onto pinterest board cover using canva picture editing

I then selected “Add heading”, picked which font I liked, and the colour.

Et voila! My board cover for “Baking” was complete. 

There are many looks you can create so have a play around with what you think looks good and what may correspond with your brand.

TIP: You don’t have to do this 20+ times! Just click the 2 squares above the rubbish bin to the right of your image and this copies it.
Then all you have to do is change the image and title for your boards.


Once you’ve completed your board covers, change the title of your images and click “Download” (Top right).

Customise your board covers

To make them a board cover, go onto Pinterest and save each image to its corresponding board – don’t forget to add keywords for what each board is about to the pin description.

Go into each board and click the Pencil icon at the top. 
Where it says “Cover”, click “Change”, and you can select the board cover image you’ve just pinned to the board.

Yes, it’s VERY time-consuming, but I’d argue that it’s worth it!

Now when you look across your profile, you should see that each board looks nice and tidy.

Want to come back to this later? Pin it…

Create custom board covers for pinterest using canva

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