8 Ways to Practice Self-Care

8 eight Ways to Practice Self Care bake netflix film yoga draw read music podcast walk pamper night face mask
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Self-care is just as important as caring for others. Yes, being there for others is great but how often are you there for yourself?

I used to think it was weird if I took a night completely to myself, but IT’S FINE. I don’t think a lot of people know that. I feel that many people are made to feel guilty for wanting to take a night or a day to themselves and not have to consider anyone else.

If you have the time and an opportunity to schedule in some self-care – DO IT! You need it!

Self-care can come in many forms and it all depends on what can relax your mind. Maybe that’s having a nap, or maybe that’s running. These examples are at completely opposite ends of the scale but it doesn’t matter. There’s no right or wrong way to go about this – it’s your self-care, do what your body and mind is telling you to do.

However, some people don’t know where to start. Yes, it sounds simple but when the world is full of judgment you’re never sure what you should be doing sometimes.

Here are some tips I have for self-care and what’s worked for me.


Sometimes a simple walk can do the wonder of good. You can take the time to just think about things. Things you normally don’t have time to think about, like starting new goals, or a friend you should maybe get back in touch with. Or maybe you’d rather listen to music or a podcast. That’s okay too. Self-care doesn’t always have to mean being on your own in silence.


This is one of my favourite methods of self-care. I already have a post about my Perfect Pamper Routine which you can read here. Pamper nights are great for self-care because you really feel like you are caring for yourself! Sometimes a simple face mask will do the trick but if you feel like going all out, go for it!

a pamper night is one method of self care where you can use face masks and eye masks


In my opinion, this counts as self-care. If all you’re worrying about is which drag queen is chantay-ing away then you’re doing it right. The whole point of self-care is taking yourself away from the world and enjoying your own company. If you’re doing that then you’re caring for yourself, even if other people don’t agree. They’re just jealous that you have the time and willingness to take time for yourself – they’re not your problem. If you’re after some Netflix recommendations then I have a few here.


I don’t read as much as I probably should, mainly because I’m a law student and I’m reading all of the time that I don’t want to do it for fun too. But if you find a good book that you can get stuck into then this is a great way of taking yourself away from the world and just enjoying the little bubble you now find yourself in.


I personally have never properly given yoga a go so I can’t speak from experience. But, from what I have heard, yoga is a great way to relax your mind. It helps you to calm your breathing and concentrate on your balance. This can help to take your mind off whatever is stressing you out at that particular moment.


I love drawing but I like copying a picture. When I draw my mind is fully concentrated on replicating what’s in front of me and making it as perfect as I can. I find drawing to be a great distraction that is sometimes overlooked.


I’m much more of a baker than a chef but both work! I love baking and trying out new recipes because although you’re caring about something else, you’re spending some time with just you. And you’re not thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list, you’re just thinking about not getting a soggy-bottom. One of my favourite things to bake are some banana muffins. I’m a huge fan of Tanya Burr’s recipe book, *Tanya Bakes – there are recipes of all levels of difficulty and there’s some great things that you can try baking for the perfect self-care day!

bake tanya burr bakes baking recipes cookbook recipe book


Lie on your bed, stare at your ceiling or go for a nap. Very simple but very effective. When I’m stressing over my essays or revision I find that taking 20 mins to just sit in a dark room with my eyes shut really helps to refresh my brain. When I get back to my work I feel a lot better because I’ve had a 20 minute break from staring at a screen – and sometimes that’s all you need.

That’s my very simple tips to practice self-care. It’s really not that difficult. Once you get past the point of feeling guilty for being unproductive, I can guarantee you’ll practice self-care a lot more. And your brain will definitely thank you for it!

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eight Ways to Practice Self Care baking netflix film watching tv yoga face mask pamper draw

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