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my favourite netflix shows gossip girl ru paul's drag race suits the good wife white collar vampire diaries grace and frankie love tv programme

I’ve had a Netflix account for 3 years now so in that time I’ve got quite a list of favourites. Here’s a rundown of my go-to’s…I’ve also split them into categories because I’m organised like that.

Light-hearted Drama/Comedy

Gossip Girl

I can’t do a Netflix recommendations post and not mention Gossip Girl! I couldn’t get into it to begin with but then after the first few episodes I was hooked. If you don’t know by now, it’s about the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” – plenty of drama, plenty of scandal! My favourite seasons were 3 & 4 and after that it wasn’t the same for me but that doesn’t mean you should give it a miss!

Grace and Frankie

I LOVE this show so much! Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin have one of the best on-screen relationships I’ve ever seen. Basically, Grace & Frankie’s husbands declare love for each other and the fabulous ladies are left to pick up the pieces. I’ve laughed out loud so many times at this show so give it a go!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

You must have seen the memes & gifs across social media from this show, and that’s because it’s brilliant! I have a new found love and respect for the Drag culture from this and I’m so glad I found it. Drag queens compete to be “America’s next drag superstar” through a series of hilarious but creative challenges. I’ve re-watched certain seasons – it’s that good!



So this may be my favourite TV show of all time (this, or Friends). It’s about a big hot-shot lawyer who hires one of the smartest associates he’s ever seen. The relationship between the 2 develops into a great bromance and it’s my favourite thing about the show. Of course, highly dramatic stories will unfold but there’s some great witty comedy to go along with it. It is a lawyer-based show but this show can be for anyone – my non-lawyer friends are addicted!

The Good Wife

Again, another lawyer-based show (can you tell this is what I’m studying?). This is a bit different from Suits in the sense that this is more of a court-room drama. But again, I don’t think you have to be interested in law to like it. The main character (a lawyer) essentially comes out of “retirement” when it is discovered that her husband had a very public affair. Great family drama, court-room drama, and some witty comedy.

Person of Interest

I think this is one of the lesser-known shows on Netflix but it’s definitely worth the recommendation! A highly technical machine can flag up a warning when someone is in danger. Again, I love the relationships that develop throughout the show – the main character is rather cold but has some great wit. There’s also some very clever aspects to the action which I also love!

White Collar

I’ve just recently re-started this show because I missed it so much! It’s about an ex-con who is hired by the FBI to help them solve white collar crimes. He assists the FBI in solving the crimes that he once committed himself. Once again, I’m a huge fan of the witty comedy between the characters and all of the clever tricks of the trade, so to speak.

The Vampire Diaries

Last but not least, another show that most people should know by now. It’s very hard to explain in a short paragraph but basically a girl falls in love with a vampire (but don’t worry, it doesn’t go down the Twilight route). She then gets herself caught up in a vampire love triangle and the vampire world. Some great drama, comedy and the actors aren’t too bad to look at either (just saying).

So that’s all of my recommendations for now! Hope you find some new shows to get started on. Let me know if you like any of these shows or if you have any recommendations of your own.

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Sophie xx

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  1. I loved The Good Wife although it is ages since I watched it! I’ve also seen all of the Vampire Diaries and love that too <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    1. sophierayne says:

      They’re both great! I like how the vampire diaries isn’t cheesy vampire stuff haha! xx

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