I recently went to see Fifty Shades Freed and thought I’d do a little review since I also reviewed Fifty Shades Darker last year (click here)

Plot of Fifty Shades Freed

Not to give any spoilers away, but – if you’re somehow not aware that they get married and Ana finds out that she’s pregnant…well that happens.
The wedding takes place at the beginning of the film and the first half of the film is pretty much their “honeymoon stage” – as what normally happens in real life after a wedding! Jack Hyde (Ana’s ex-boss) then makes a return and puts Ana and her new family in danger – the second half is more about Ana doing what she can to protect them.
I know this is a pretty basic plot summary but I wouldn’t say that Fifty Shades was meant to be particularly complex.


I’ve read some mixed reviews and in my opinion, if you’re going to the cinema hoping to be shocked and taken to a different place, you’re seeing the wrong thing. Personally, I think the Fifty Shades trilogy is meant to be a bit of fun, shall we say. The third film in this trilogy has a bit more of a story to it, i.e. it turns into a bit of a thriller. I like that they brought something more to it, and I haven’t read the books but I think it’s pretty similar.
I’ve heard some people say that there wasn’t as much graphic sex in it and in a way I kind of see where they’re coming from – but there’s still plenty of scenes to keep the dedicated fans happy. I think some think this because the scenes are almost nothing like the first film. The couple are married now, Christian has toned down his need to have a submissive, and Anastasia is more comfortable/actually enjoys what’s going on. So yes, the scenes are a bit less S&M, but a bit more realistic (as realistic as you can get in Fifty Shades).
I also love how confident Ana is now – they have more of an actual relationship and Ana is able to express her opinion and not be scared to do so.
I will also say that you can definitely see how much Jamie and Dakota have grown in the films – to me, the first film is awkward to watch. Fifty Shades Darker was a lot better – they were more comfortable around each other and more comfortable with what they had to do. I found Fifty Shades Freed much more easy to watch – it’s just a lot less awkward – there’s some comedy, genuine care for each other, and some real-life couple problems.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I’ve also really enjoyed the progression and growth of the couple, and the end of the film is so heart-warming (it’s such an “awww” moment). I think you know if you’re going to like it before you go in. You know what you can expect (at least I hope so by now), so give it a go if you’re up for a chilled cinema date. Obviously sitting watching a couple have sex with 100 strangers isn’t quite a relaxed experience but overall it was a rather enjoyable cinema visit.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJCc5HRPxYA

Enjoy xx

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