5 Really Obvious Ways to Save Money

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There are some really obvious ways to save money that we sometimes forget about. In this post I will share some of my saving tips which can help you to pay off that holiday a bit quicker, or treat yourself to something that’s been on your wish list for too long!

Obvious Tip #1 – Actually save money

Now you’re probably thinking, I know you said obvious but this is just too obvious surely? Wrong. You’d be surprised at the amount of people that don’t actually save money in a dedicated savings account. This isn’t because they don’t have an account (But if you’re reading this and are realising you don’t have one – get one! Click here to check out Martin Lewis’ recommendations in the UK). This is because people forget to transfer money into this account. It should be the first thing you do once you’ve been paid. Obviously don’t transfer money you need for bills etc, but if you set aside an amount every month – no matter how little – then you are much less likely to spend it.

Obvious Tip #2 – Make some money saving goals

If you have a saving goal that you are working towards, you will be more encouraged to start putting this money aside.
For example, you want to book a holiday next year and it will cost around £500. With this amount in mind, you can decide on a monthly saving goal. By the time booking the holiday comes around, you will have that amount sitting waiting to be put to good use. Saving £500 might sound quite daunting, but say you’re booking the holiday in April and it’s August right now – that’s 8 months of saving £63 per month – that’s roughly the cost of eating out twice!

Obvious Tip #3 – Find cheaper alternatives

I’ll admit, sometimes the “premium” option tastes better, but that’s only sometimes! Most of the time, a cheaper alternative tastes/works just as good but at almost half the price. For example, buy your fruit and veg from Lidl or Aldi – in fact, do the majority of your food shop at these shops; buy your toiletries from Home Bargains; make your lunch instead of buying a meal deal every day (that would save you roughly £15 a week).
No, cheaper alternatives might not be the best all of the time, but just try out some new things and you might be surprised!

Obvious Tip #4 – Cut back

Eating out is great – tasty food, and you don’t have to cook! But it can cost A LOT of money. As I said above, eating out can cost around £20-30 – and that’s in the “cheaper” restaurants. If you’re eating once a week, that’s around £100 gone each month. If you’re looking out for ways to save each month, this is an easy one!
What else can you cut back on that you don’t really need?

Obvious Tip #5 – Cancel unnecessary expenses

Have a look through your bank statement and highlight anything you could cancel if you really wanted to. For example, do you have Sky AND Netflix? Do you really need the programmes on Sky, or could you survive on Freeview and Netflix? You can always pick it up again after your holiday.
How many times a month do you go to the gym? Do you have an alternative means of keeping fit? For example, you could take up running, or make up your own circuit in your living room. There are many apps and online resources these days that could save you that £30 every month.

What money saving tips do you have?

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  1. These are all really great tips! I love the idea of making monthly saving goals each month because it makes saving up for something seem much more doable. And I’ve found sometimes cheaper alternative can be better than the more expensive ones. I’m going to have to use some of these when I start saving for my next trip! x

    x Kara |

    1. I’m so surprised how much better the cheaper alternatives can be sometimes!!

  2. Great tips! I’ve always been a saver but it is hard when you really want something

    1. I know, it can be very frustrating!

  3. These are such useful tips Sophie! Cutting back is such a simple but effective one. I used to buy packaged sandwiches a lot but making them at home is so much cheaper. Also walking and YouTube yoga are both free ways to keep fit without an expensive gym membership. Great suggestions, thanks for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. There are so many things I go to buy and then think, no actually – that £5 can go towards something bigger in the future. I love some of the videos you can find on YouTube! x

  4. Great post, I enjoyed reading it! I’ve always been good at saving but it’s so good to pick up new tips along the way and be reminded to do some saving. I like the idea of saving in installments and cancelling unnecessary expenses.

    1. Thank you. I’m the same but like you said, sometimes you just need to put some new things in action if you have something coming up

  5. They might be obvious but sometimes so hard to turn into actions! I probably have a lot of unnecessary spendings but they kind of make my life more enjoyable so not sure i’d be able to save up on that. Cheaper alternatives, that i can do!

    1. I know! It can definitely be difficult, but like I said – If it’s something short term you’re saving up for then you can count down the days until you can make those spendings again haha!

  6. These are some really good tips! I’ve been trying to save recently and I’ve been doing okay but I’d like to do better. Thank you for sharing

    Tish |

    1. Thank you, I know – it’s being able to be strict with yourself that’s the problem!

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