Free Resources You Can Use To Grow Your Blog

Free resources and tools that you can use to grow and build your blog

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Starting and growing a blog can be challenging but here are some of the free resources that you can use to grow your blog.

With these blogging tools, you can create your own blog – for free – and get started on your new blogging journey! 

Or, even if you’ve been in the blogging game for a while, there’s maybe some free resources here that you didn’t think of using before to improve your blog.

Start a Blog for Free

Before I purchased a plan with *Siteground, I started my blogging journey on WordPress for free. With just a few clicks, I had a blog. Using the free plan with Wordpress is a great way to get a feel for blogging and get an insight into how running a blog works.
Another option which I know of other bloggers using is the platform Blogger.

Free Image Editor 

Canva is the image editor that I’m sure you’ve all heard of. Canva is more than an image editor – Canva is what I use to design my pins, Twitter posts, Instagram stories, you can do so much with it! And it’s free!

Canva blog image instagram twitter pinterest facebook design platformAs you can see, there are endless possibilities with what you can create with Canva – it’s a free blogging tool that is essentially a blogger’s dream!

Free Social Media Tools

Social Media Platforms

This may be an obvious point to make, but – social media promotion is free, so use it! There are a number of social media platforms that you can explore – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook – all offering you a space to promote your posts or products so give each one a whirl until you find the few that you understand and that you can use to your advantage. 

Facebook Groups

Following on from social media platforms, there are TONNES of Facebook groups that you can join where you can get blogging advice, opportunities, or just interact with other bloggers. Just do a simple search on Facebook for “blogging group” “UK bloggers” “blogging advice” etc and you’ll find a few that you can request to join. 

Social Media Scheduling

This is something I should definitely do more of so this is a “do as I say, not as I do” moment, BUT social media scheduling is an easy way for you to promote your blog without really having to do much. Buffer is the scheduling tool that I use and it’s free! Personally, I think the free version nowadays is not as good as it was but it is still an effective way for you to schedule some promotion in advance. 

Email Lists: Mailerlite/Mailchimp

Again, this is something I aim to get serious with in the future, but Mailerlite and Mailchimp are two email marketing platforms that you can use to reach your readers. If you are subscribed to any bloggers email lists yourself, it is more than likely that they will be using one of these platforms. I’ve had a play around with both and I preferred Mailerlite however I might try both again and see which works best for me – they’re FREE to use up to a certain number of subscribers so why not take advantage?!

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a great free blogging resource for you to see which posts are performing well, where your readers are coming from and who your readers are. This information can help you plan out future content and which social media platforms to focus on. Google analytics is very easy to set up and there are plenty of tutorials online if you’re struggling. 
ALSO, when using Google Analytics, be sure to exclude yourself from the data as this will give you false information as to who is on your site. 

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

plan your keywords for blog posts using google adwords keyword planner

The Google Keyword Planner is one of the easiest ways to find keywords to boost your SEO. To get started with the keyword planner, you need to have a Google adwords account which can be a bit of a process but once you get an account set up the planner is free to use and can be great in helping you to map out a blog post.

Google Search Console

The Search Console is a new discovery of mine and WOW it’s insightful! It takes a while to explore everything and I still haven’t finished understanding it all. But, it basically shows you what people search to find your blog, where in the world these people are, any URL issues on your blog and more! It can be a great free tool to learn more about your audience and how to attract a wider audience. 


This might not be your most traditional free blogging resource, however I’ve come across some AMAZING tips and advice from listening to Podcasts – and they’re free!
Some of my favourites include: What She Said, Exciting Emails, Starting the Conversation and Make It Happen.
Listening to podcasts are one of my favourite ways to learn new things because you can listen to them while driving, on the bus, while cooking, before going to sleep – everywhere! 

So that’s some of the free blogging resources that I use to grow my blog and I hope you’ve found some things that you haven’t come across before and that you can start putting to good use.

Please leave me any free tools that you use in the comments that you think could benefit me.

Soph x

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Whether you're just starting a blog or looking for different ways to grow your blog, here are some free resources that you can use to help you build your blog and your skills. These free blogging tools can help you grow your blogging audience and better your blog.

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