How to Find Motivation to Blog

How to find motivation to blog when you feel demotivated

I recently found that I had lost motivation to blog. I had no motivation to sign in to my blog, to write a post, to update posts, or to even keep in touch on social media. I was finding it really difficult to motivate myself to open my laptop and start typing.

Why was this?

No motivation to blog

I’m studying law at university and in the summer between 3rd and 4th year you are encouraged to take part in a placement/internship. Therefore, throughout June and July I was working 6 days a week – I salute anyone who manages to consistently blog while having a full time job because that is DIFFICULT!

There’s so much that comes with blogging that makes it difficult to keep on top of it all – writing, designing, promotion, it never ends.

I also found it difficult to keep going when I could see that my traffic wasn’t doing too well – but why would it if I’m not there working on my blog?! It felt like a losing battle that I wasn’t going to win anytime soon.

What to blog about?

My next problem – or recurring problem – that I had was that I was still trying to figure out my place on the internet. Otherwise known as “my niche” – the phrase that members of the blogosphere hate, or understand completely – which one are you?

The last time I over-hauled my blog was only back in May – I was bored of it already. I think this was my problem.
I wasn’t happy with my blog categories and had lost any motivation to blog about these topics – it wasn’t fun anymore.

I knew that if I wanted to get my blogging mojo back I needed to have another serious re-think of where I’d like my blog to go, what I would want it to stand for, and most importantly, how to fall back in love with writing again.

How to find the motivation to blog

#1 – What’s stopping you from finding the motivation to blog?

The first thing I did was diagnose exactly what was stopping me from producing more content. 
Why did I have no new ideas? Why was I not excited about my blog anymore?

#2 – Find your blogging purpose

I decided that my problem was that I didn’t have a blogging purpose. I didn’t know who I was writing for, or why I was writing it. This was a big problem for me – without this, I did not have the self-motivation I needed to keep writing.

The first thing I did was search on Pinterest for tips in finding your niche. There’s HUNDREDS of posts out there.

I was really struggling and was following many strategies but just couldn’t find something to settle on.
I then found this great video from Femtrepreneur which talks through a very simple formula for finding something that you both enjoy and are skilled in/knowledgeable about.

Another great way to think about your “purpose” is who you’re writing for, rather than what you’re writing about.

#3 – Get inspired

How to find motivation to blog - look to pinterest for blog inspiration when you have lost motivation

Pinterest is one of my favourite websites to browse. After I figured out the purpose of my blog,  I had a search for things that related to me and my blog and worked on discovering new bloggers that would inspire me in the future.

#4 – Come up with post title after post title

Now you might think coming up with 75-150 blog post titles would be rather difficult – for some niches yes, it probably is. But if you find something that flows naturally, it won’t be as difficult as you think.

I came up with at least 50 in about 10 minutes as each idea was the springboard to my next.

Coming up with these titles got me excited to start writing them, and I could already imagine the pictures and pins that would be relevant for each post.


#5 – Rebrand

How to find motivation to blog - rebrand the design and layout of your blog to self motivate yourself

Maybe it’s a re-brand your blog needs. I know that sometimes when I’m feeling demotivated, all I really need is a little re-brand of my blog.

Change your header, change your theme, change your photography style – do anything that makes you feel excited to start writing again.

#6 – Maybe you just need a break – and that’s OK!

Just because blogging might be a fun, dream job, it doesn’t mean you won’t burn out pursuing it.

Constantly being online can be difficult, and sometimes all you need is an evening to yourself with a face mask and Harry Potter – my personal favourite at the moment.

What do you do to get your blogging mojo back?

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How to find motivation to blog - tips for when you have lost motivation to write blog posts, sophie rayne

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  1. definitely I really helpful post. there have been weeks where I feel so excited to post but at times it becomes hard to get motivated, so thank u for writing this!

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck x

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