How to Stay Organised – Uni Edition

How to stay organised university edition weekly planner lists to do

If you’re anything like me, then not being organised really gets to you! I hate not having a plan of action for something or a to-do list – I’m very much a list person!

As it’s the new year, and a new semester at university for some, I thought I’d let you know of some of the things that I do to stay organised.

Weekly Planner

weekly planner blog post organised university

I picked this planner up in b&m bargains but something similar would work just fine (I’ve seen some in The Range too). When I started using this it really helped me stay on top of what I need to do throughout the whole week. Before I had this, I would just write lists on random bits of paper and NEVER find them again!

I also like that there is a “to-do” part at the bottom so that I know what things has to be done at some point this week.

I normally split the day into AM and PM and jot down a few things that I need to get done – I find this really helps me split up my reading and essay writing.

Stay Ahead of Yourself

Yes, this can be very difficult to do! But, I try as best as I can to finish work early so that I only have final touches to do the day before. For example, if I have a seminar coming up, I try and start the reading list as early as possible so that the day before is spent finalising my answers to the questions, not reading 4 articles.

To-Do list

to do list organisation university

Obviously, I have my weekly planner to write down things I have to do, but I use this strictly for uni work and general to-dos throughout the whole week.

On another to-do list (can you tell I like lists?), I write down what I have to do in that day and at what time. I like setting out how much time I will spend on one thing and when I have to move on to something else. Having a daily to-do list means I can expand on certain things and add in personal to-dos as well e.g. book an appointment, write a blog post.

You might have to make sacrifices

Unfortunately, there are some things that will have to get pushed aside to ensure you have all your work done for uni. For me, this includes blogging, watching Netflix, playing my Xbox etc. I sometimes sacrifice certain things one night so that I can have more time to do them the day after. I either choose to keep working, or I choose to have leisure time and work again the next day – my preference changes depending on what I’m doing.

So that’s a few things that I try and do to stay up to date with the pressures of uni. Obviously, sometimes these plans go out the window (no one can be organised ALL of the time), but it helps me if I have a rough plan on the urgent things.

Ever wondered what it’s like being a law student? Find out here.

Sophie xx

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  1. It’s been a couple of years since I left uni but I swear my planner addiction has reached a level where I need to organise my organisers. I’m a big fan of planning things out and having designated notepads for certain things though. Especially with blogging! x


    1. sophierayne says:

      Yes, definitely! I have specific notebooks for different things, taking organisation to a new level haha! x

  2. this is so helpful oh my gosh!! i am so disorganized lol

    1. sophierayne says:

      Haha – trust me, this is not me all the time!

  3. Poundland sometimes has cute planners, keep your eyes open when you need one! 🙂

    1. sophierayne says:

      Ooh thank you!

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