How to Style a Denim Jacket

4 images showing different ways to style a denim jacket including black skinny jeans, hoodie, light ripped jeans, white tee
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Yay – it’s coming up to that time of year where the denim jackets can make a comeback. I LOVE my denim jackets and they are my go-to jacket in the Spring/Summer as they’re light but keep you warm if it’s a little windy – which is 90% of the time.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to wear with a denim jacket as you have to decide whether to go double denim, or if you have other pieces that can work well with the denim look. Here are 4 ways that you can wear the denim jacket.

Also, the 2 jackets that are featured in this post are from Lidl a couple of years ago and they’re great! If you’re struggling to find some, here’s some similar to the ones that I have on.
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Go Double Denim

I don’t know when it was decided that double denim wasn’t allowed because sometimes I think it looks really cool! Alexa on Instagram pieces together some great thrift finds and always looks great in double denim.

Dark blue denim jacket with light blue denim ripped jeans and adidas grey gazelles

I think putting two different colours of denim together breaks it up a little bit so it’s not as striking of a double denim look. If I’m going typically casual, then I tend to just put a relaxed tee or a slogan tee underneath to keep the theme of casual going. And then, depending on what I feel like my feet can handle that day, I’ll choose a pair of comfy trainers to go with the look – my favourites at the moment are my *Adidas gazelles.

Denim Jacket and Black Skinnys

Dark Blue Denim Jacket with White Tee, Black Skinny Jeans and Grey Adidas Gazelles

A denim jacket and some *classic black skinny jeans can look quite smart. I like the contrast between the two colours and it makes the denim blue pop a bit more.
Again, I’ll just pick a plain white tee, or a nice top that complements the denim well.

Denim Jacket and a White Tee

Dark blue denim jacket with white tee, light blue ripped denim jeans

A simple white tee goes with anything so whether you’re going double denim or a bright bottom, a white tee can tie the look together.
I’ve also done the staple ‘French tuck’ here which I seem to be doing with all of my t-shirts lately – anyone else?

TIP: If going with a basic white tee, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour with some earrings, necklace, or a bag.

Denim Jacket with a Hoodie

Light blue denim jacket with a disney hoodie underneath and black skinny jeans

Maybe it’s not quite hot enough to go with a t-shirt. If not, pair a hoodie with your denim jacket to stay warm, and add some street style to your look. I love *this one that I got from H&M last year with little Mickey Mouse faces on it – it’s currently ON SALE for £11.99!

So that’s 4 ways that you can style a denim jacket this season – which look was your favourite?

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  1. I love all the ways you showed how to style a denim jacket! I always have the hardest time changing up how I usually wear my denim jacket and this post definitely gives me some more ideas. Thank you!

    Charlotte |

    1. Thank you, Charlotte!

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