Learning to Love Myself

Learning to love myself self yourself valentines day insecurities

February is the month of love – apparently. And I’ve decided that the most important message I need to send this month is a constant reminder to myself to self-love . I turned 20 last year and from around age 11 until now I have encountered many insecurities! Nine years later, I’m very happy to say that many of those pubescent insecurities are a thing of the past. Here’s a few that got to me as a teen that now no longer bother me near as much.

Pale Skin

I have very pale skin and I don’t tan naturally. Yes, I don’t wear anything below SPF30 but I believe in skin damage caused by the sun. When I was younger I would feel so self-conscious on holiday at how pale I was to everyone else. I would take gradual tanner with me just so I had some colour to me (what a waste of my precious holiday time).
And now? I’m pale, get over it! Yes I still like a bit of fake tan now and again but it’s just so much effort. Unless I have a very special occasion coming up, I don’t bother.

Small Boobs

I can’t remember when I first wore a bra, but I remember seeing other women in magazines/films etc and getting excited about the day my chest would look like theirs – that day never came. This was a real insecurity of mine around the age of 15 – when everyone else’s boobs starting growing to their full potential and mine seemed to have forgotten. Nowadays? I love having small boobs. Sure I feel envious sometimes but there are special bras for small-chested ladies like me for when we want that lil bit extra. I don’t get back pain, I can go braless, I can wear minimal support bras and feel fab. I still get those days where I wish there was more to see but unfortunately that was just not meant to be for me – I can just admire from afar.

self love learning to yourself myself valentines day

Stretch Marks

I discovered I had stretch marks from a very young age and had to ask my mum what they were. I didn’t understand what these white lines were on the back of my thighs and why I had them. I was always quite a slim child so when my mum told me what they were I was very surprised at first. Luckily, I didn’t think too much about it but because young girls aren’t really taught about these things it’s very dangerous to go down a scary path! Now, I understand just how common stretch marks are – missguided models have them for crying out loud!

Thin Top Lip

I have a very thin top lip, i.e. my top lip disappears when I smile. I wouldn’t say this bothered me too much but it was still an insecurity little me suffered from. I would try over-drawing my lip and end up looking like a fool. I now realise that many people have thin top lips. Also, I have a small gap between my nose and lips so a thicker lip would probably look daft anyway!

So that’s the main things that really got to me throughout my early teen stages. Sure, every now and then the insecurities resurface but I think that’s pretty normal. Now that I’m older and active on social media, I know what’s seen as “normal” in today’s society – sometimes you have to venture past the perfect Instagrams to find it, but you do. And that reassurance really helps you to get past whatever it is that’s getting to you.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly deep, reflective post. I also wrote a post when I turned 20 about all of the things I’d learned. If you fancy giving that a read, click here.

Do you have some things that used to bother you as a teen but now you just brush them off?

Sophie xx

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  1. alohalola says:

    Sophie! I relate to your being pale comment so much. I am permanently being told by my people that I look ill, need more sun, should spray tan, and it is so rude and offensive! Being pale is nothing too be ashamed of, in fact it’s quite striking, just like any other skin colour can be! I am glad you are embracing your body and showing it the love it deserves! Claire x x x

    1. sophierayne says:

      Thanks for the comment, Claire! I’m glad it’s not just me! Haha – I’m the same, it’s always something people comment on and sometimes I wish I would tan easily in the sun. But I don’t – so pale and natural me will have to do! Hope you’re having a good day x

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