Lessons I’ve Learned in University

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I graduate from university in June and have my last exam in May. It’s still surreal to me that I will no longer be a university student in a matter of months.

This post is going to give you a run down on what I learned about myself and general uni life during my 4 year degree. Let me know if you learnt similar lessons while you were at university. Or, if you didn’t go to university, how did you come to learn about these things.
So listen up people, we gonna learn today…

Books are bloody expensive!

Pile of 4 law textbooks

Why are university books so expensive?! I can buy about 8 novels for the price of one law textbook!

I knew I would have to buy books but I did not realise how expensive they were going to be. So please…budget for these accordingly!

TIP: If you can, buy second hand books or borrow them from the library if you can. I’ve saved around £150 doing this…FYI £150 is about 3.5 books!

Anyone can be friends

Friends are so important at university.

Not just because if you’re moving to a new city it might get a bit lonely. But, it’s so handy to have people you work together on projects with, or confirm notes with, or prepare exam answers together.

I have friends from all over the world and it’s sad knowing that after May, I probably won’t see them again. But it really gives you an appreciation for different cultures, and encouragement to become friends with anyone and everyone!

If you’re struggling to make friends at university or worried about it for the future, check out my post on making friends at university.

How to learn from my mistakes

There are some mistakes you make and you can’t do anything about them – that’s just life. But I’ve definitely learned from some of my university mistakes.

My essay writing skills have definitely improved since first year and that has a lot to do with me reflecting on where I’ve gone wrong and having a better understanding at what is required from me.

How to prioritise and time-manage

Black and white weekly planner and a notebook and pen

Wow – juggling university, work, and a social life is hard work!

But you do it – you have to. You don’t really have a choice if I’m being completely honest.

I’ve learned how to prioritise what piece of work is more important, what will take me the longest, what will be the easiest thing to complete.

You’re most productive when you procrastinate

I know this sounds backwards, and it is.

What I mean is, when you’re procrastinating from university work, guess who clears out their wardrobe, who’s drawers have been Marie Kondo’d, who finished a box set in one day? Yep, you got it – ME!

I’m resilient

University is exhausting, hard work and stressful. What have I learned from all this? You gotta just keep swimming and push yourself to do your best.

You have to try as hard as you can to have a positive outlook and believe that you will get there, no matter what it takes.

I like working in my own space

Some of my friends like working in the library or a busy coffee shop, and while I sometimes like doing this, I much prefer being on my own.

I like sitting at my own desk, eating my own food, listening to my own music. And that’s ok – you don’t have to like it just because other people do. You have to trust what works for you because it will have an impact on the outcome of your work.

Down time is VERY important

I cannot stress this enough!

Taking time away from the work is vital for success. There has been so many times where I’ve been sitting at my desk with a very painful stress-headache and I have to remind myself to take a break.

You will be much more productive when you come back.

Looking for self-care ideas? Check out my recommendations.

I wasn’t ready for a job at 17

I started university when I was 17, and I’m very glad I didn’t go into full-time employment.

Although earning money young would have been amazing, I just wasn’t ready. I don’t feel like I could have taken on that much responsibility.

Oh, and I like how at 21 I can still watch Netflix in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday…

I still don’t know my next step, but I know what I want

So after 4 years of studying law, I have no idea what career I want. I don’t want to be a lawyer yet, and I’m not sure I will want to be in the future.

But I do know what I’m looking for in a job – the opportunity to travel is very important to me as I went straight into university and would like to see more of the world.

However, the most important thing to me is happiness. I’ll be honest and say that I am so ready to be finished university and to be doing something I really enjoy. But like I said, my only minor problem is that I don’t know what that is – but it’ll work out in the end, right?

What lessons have you learned? Are any of them similar to mine?

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