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Welcome back to my blog – thank you so much to Jasmine for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I was not expecting to be nominated at all, it’s nice to know this blog is getting somewhere (even if it is just a little bit).

The Rules:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions your nominator asked in their post.
3. Nominate eleven other bloggers of your choice.
4. Come up with your own eleven questions for your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know that they’ve been chosen!
6. Link back to the person of which nominated you.


  1. I am a HUGE Disney fan
  2. I was a dancer for 12 years
  3. Action-Comedies are my favourite genre of film
  4. Queen is my favourite band
  5. Adam Lambert is my favourite singer
  6. I had braces for 2 & 1/2 years
  7. I am a dedicated Formula 1 fan and I hope to experience as many races as possible
  8. I am in my second year of studying law
  9. Funnily enough, Suits is one of my favourite TV shows
  10. I really want to start a YouTube channel…hopefully I’ll get there some point this year
  11. America is my favourite place to visit and one of my dreams is to do a road trip


1. When did you start your blog?
I started my blog in January 2017

2. Favourite Disney Character (Pixar included)?
This one is REALLY tough for me – I’m gonna have to cheat & give an extended answer.
My favourite princess is Belle – has been since I was 4. My favourite real-life character is Captain Jack Sparrow…I mean, what is there not to love?

3. What song can you not get out of your head?
Right now, I keep singing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

4. Do you prefer reading blogs or watching YouTube videos?
It depends on how I’m feeling. If I just want some quick information then it’s a blog. But I prefer settling down to watch YouTube videos

5. Favourite TV Series at the moment?
SUITS – I’ve re-watched it about 3 times and all seasons have been added on Netflix!!
(Ru Paul’s Drag Race is a close second)

6. Do you prefer beach holidays or ski holidays?
Beach, but I’ve never been skiing and don’t really like the beach – I’m more of a city break kinda girl

7. What was the last country you visited?
The last country I visited was the Netherlands last summer

8. Favourite Ice Lolly flavour?
I always pick the red ones, so most likely strawberry

9. Favourite thing about blogging?
I love the community – there’s always someone there to give advice, have a laugh with, or to perk you up

10. Would you rather re-live your worst memory or forget your best memory?
I would rather re-live my worst memory – it was when my grandma died. Although it would be incredibly sad, I was at my happiest on my best memory so I couldn’t forget it

11. Favourite movie at the moment?
This is also such a hard one for me – my favourite movie changes every couple of days so right now I’m just going to pick Rocky Horror Picture Show – I keep watching clips and listening to the songs


KayleyKayliegh-AnneNicole,  SaffronAnnaKatherineOliviaChloeAnn, Sophie,


1. What made you want to start a blog?

2. Favourite TV show as a kid?

3. Favourite Musical?

4. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

5. What’s the hobby you’ve stuck at the longest?

6. Favourite meal of the day?

7. Do you prefer watching films, or reading books?

8. What’s your favourite kind of blog posts to read?

9. Who is your favourite ‘Friend’?

10. What’s your favourite accent to hear?

11. Would you rather live in the city, or the country?

Thanks again so much to Jasmine! Hope you enjoyed this blog post ♥

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  1. Congratulations! Have a lovely day!

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