Making Friends at University

Making Friends at University society club lecture

Making friends at university can be a very daunting task. Barely any familiar faces, different nationalities, busy hallways. But don’t let this scare you. This just means that there are a lot of people in the same boat as you – everyone is looking for someone to speak to. Here are some ways that I have met my friends at university.

Strike Up a Conversation

I know this is easier said than done, but I met one of my friends by simply having a conversation with the person sitting next to me. You can ask about notes, the lecturer, the exam, the course itself. For example, “Are you looking forward to this year?” “I don’t know what to expect, I hope we have a good lecturer.”
These are very simple opening-lines but it can open the door to quite a lengthy conversation. Also, if you are waiting outside the lecture hall, ask the person next to you if you are in the right place – even if you know you are, you are now speaking to someone. You can then start asking them similar questions to above.
I actually met one of my friends in the university book shop, we both discovered we were on the same course so met at the lecture the following day.

Join Societies & Clubs

If your university is anything like the one I go to, there are hundreds of clubs to join. There will almost always be something there that you are interested in. Whether that be a sport, films, fashion, chess etc. Go along to a meeting and see if there’s someone there you could envision yourself being friends with. Ask what they are studying, where they are from, why they are joining the club. And then if you seem to be getting on well, add them on Facebook and meet outside the meeting place every week.
Meeting friends at these events can sometimes be easier because leaders will often do ice-breakers anyway.

Join Your Class’ Facebook Page

My class has a dedicated Facebook page, if your class is the same – join it, add some people from the group, ask about books, notes, tasks etc. There’s bound to be some people that will reply to you and you can start up a conversation with them, maybe ask to meet them outside the lecture.
Most societies and clubs have Facebook pages too so join the group and speak to/add some people from there.

The most basic thing to remember about making friends at university is that everyone is looking for a friend – it’s just about who will make the first move.

I hope some of these tips will help make that first few weeks at university a bit more bearable.
To help with this time, here’s some basic things that you should have for starting university – My University Checklist

Good luck!

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