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I love creating bucket lists. I like the idea of having a list of things I want to do/achieve in my lifetime…even if they are quite ambitious. My bucket list changes regularly so I thought I’d share part of what is on that list right now.

  1. Get a tattoo
    I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was 16…I’m now almost 20 and still haven’t had the time or the guts to get that ink on my body! I also hope that this tattoo will be the first of many.
  2. Graduate from University
    I’m studying law at university and I’m away to start my 3rd year. I have 2 years left of my degree and I’m hoping I will survive to the end! If you want to know more about what I’m studying, click here: My University Course
  3. Experience a Grand Prix
    I’m a huge fan of Formula 1 and one of my dreams is to see as many Grand Prix’s as I can.
  4. Have a YouTube channel
    I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for as long as I can remember. I gave it a go a few years ago but deleted all the videos. I want to make a real go of it at some point in the future.
  5. Have a successful blog
    I’ve been really enjoying blogging  recently and have been wanting to grow further. I hope that in the future I will have my blog and YouTube running side by side.
  6. Road-trip round America
    I have a list of cities I want to see and have it all planned out – all I need is lots of dollaz!
  7. Live in a different city
    I’ve lived in the same city all of my life and at some point in the future I do want to live somewhere else. I want to experience the independence and adventure.
  8. Renovate a house
    Not going to lie, Homes Under the Hammer is one of my favourite day-time TV shows. Thus, leading to this ambition to someday renovate a house and sell it on to someone else.
  9. Go to Disney World…again and again
    I’ve been to Disney 3 times and will hopefully be going in 2020 with my family but I want to go as many times as I possibly can. Disney World is my favourite place on earth and I suffer withdrawal very regularly.
  10. Visit Australia
    There are some places in the world that I’m not too fussed about seeing. But Australia is somewhere I definitely want to see. I have extended family who moved there quite a few years ago and I want to experience the appeal.

So that’s part 1 of my bucket list…what’s on yours?!

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  1. Ahh once you get your first tattoo, you won’t want to stop haha. I only have 2 at the moment, but each time I went for one, I already started thinking of what I wanted for the next! Just money always seems to get in the way 🙄
    And that’s awesome that you’re so close to being done with school! I’m sure you’ll do just fine, just stay dedicated. You got this girl! Good luck with all of your goals 😁

    1. Yeah I’ve heard they are very addictve 😀 And thank you so much! Good luck to you too ♥

  2. I love bucket lists – such a good way of motivating yourself to follow your dreams! I also would love to go to Australia!
    Love Yasmin xx

  3. Lovely post! I’m so jealous that you are much closer to finishing your law degree than me, I’m only going into my second year.

    My blog:

    1. Aw really! Are you enjoying it? Good luck with the rest😁x

      1. It’s hard but rewarding! Thanks, you too! x

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