A couple of weeks ago I sent out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to do a Disney collaboration, and a couple of lovely ladies got back to me. This second guest post is from Janita who has spoken about her favourite Disney films. I love everything Disney and was so happy that Janita wanted to take part. Please feel free to let me know if you would be interested in taking part. I am also looking for people who have been to Walt Disney World.

What are your top 5 favourite Disney films?

1) Tangled

I first watched this movie when I was babysitting years ago, and I’ve loved it ever since. I noticed when watching this move that Rapunzel and myself are very much alike. Obviously, I’m not locked in a tower though. Her desire for adventure but not wanting to disappoint her mother is exactly how I felt when I first came across this movie. I wanted to make my family proud, I was scared of change, however, I just wanted to explore the world.

I loved how simple Rapunzel’s dream was. Something so simple, made her so happy and that’s what I want in life.

Overall, the music, colours and humour in the movie makes it enjoyable for kids and parents!
(I have my first tattoo planned and it’s based off this film!)

2) The Beauty and the Beast (live action)

Although this is my second favourite Disney movie, it’s my favourite story line. Appearance and flaws don’t matter with true love, and only those who truly love you are able to help you become a better person. I will openly admit, I cry every time I watch this movie.

I loved the live action film for a few reasons. Emma Watson is an amazing actress and her voice is incredibly beautiful.

The CGI effects were amazing and I believe they portray the beast perfectly. I also believe this film is well-made due to the dedication that Dan Stevens put in! He had to play this part twice to ensure everything appeared correct. They shot the scenes first from afar to get the beast’s body (Dan was on stilts to appear taller) and then did a shot of just his face, where he had to recite his lines again!

Along with the amazing CGI effects, I believe they had a well-known cast to top off the film. With actors/actresses such as Emma Watson, Stanley Tucci, Josh Gad, Luke Evans and many more!

(My daughter’s middle name is also Belle)

3) The Cars Trilogy

Yes, I know I’m kind of cheating by putting 3 movies in one. However, I believe these movies have to be talked about as a set. I adore the Cars movies for a few different reasons.

They are aimed more towards boys. When most people think Disney, they think princesses and castles. I enjoy that there are Disney movies that are focused around a male main character and a topic, such as racing, that boys will enjoy!

I enjoy the music! It’s upbeat, fun and will definitely draw the attention of any kid around (however, it isn’t a musical, which is nice!)

I also love the lesson in the movie. I best describe it as “Pride comes before the fall!” Too much pride and believing that you’re better than other people won’t get you anywhere in life. I believe this movie also shows children the importance of accepting others the way they are and the importance of friendships!

4) Moana

This is my son’s all-time favourite movie! If a 15 month old loves it, it must be good!

I love how this movie is set on an island rather than castles or forests etc! I love how Disney is beginning to open up their films and introduce some new cultures.

I’ve also always loved the water (even though I’m scared of it), I think it’s beautiful and watching this movie makes me want to visit Hawaii that much more!

I enjoy Moana’s strength in the movie and her dedication to follow her dream!

5) Big Hero 6

I enjoyed Big Hero 6 and the fictional aspects of the film. With the film taking place in San Fransokyo (a mash of San Francisco and Tokyo) the film also has a bit of Japanese culture mixed into it! I enjoyed the “mashed” setting, and once again the added culture.

I like that the film is also more action-packed and encourages the use of imagination (a superhero team, advanced technology etc)!

This film had me wondering what our world could be like in a few years time!

Although these are my top favourite Disney films, there aren’t many that I don’t enjoy. A few other of my favourites would be Cinderella (live action) and The Lion King.

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It has been so interesting hearing what different people’s favourite films are. What are your favourite Disney films?

Would you be interested in doing some sort of a Disney collab? Get in touch!

Sophie xx

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