Overcoming Job Rejection

Overcoming job rejecting and handling it with a positive mindset
Overcoming job rejection and staying positive in the job search process

Job rejection sucks. It’s not always easy to see the positive side of everything. It’s sometimes hard to see that silver lining – but it’s there.

I’m job hunting right now (to find out more about my job hunt journey, click here) and it’s hard-going!

To be brutally honest, I’ve been rejected from at least 50 job applications and 3 interviews so far. I know that’s not loads, I’m just beginning. But I’m sharing that number with you so you can maybe relate with your number.

The phrase “I keep getting rejected” repeats in my mind every time I open that email which contains the word “unsuccessful”.

It’s very easy to get discouraged after learning you have been rejected from a job, or even your dream job, but I’ve learned how important it is to STAY POSITIVE.

I know what you’re thinking – em what? I’ve just been told I’m not good enough, where is the silver lining there?!

Overcoming job rejection is a skill that takes a while to learn, and perhaps many breakdowns and pep talks. But here are some tips for HANDLING JOB REJECTION like a BOSS.

You’re Not Alone

Cue MJ

Everyone experiences rejection. Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Anna Wintour were all rejected. I think we’d all agree that they turned out alright.

Rejection can feel like the loneliest time if all of your family and friends have jobs. But there’s LOADS of us out there that are just like you. This post is exhibit A.

Whenever you feel alone in this job hunt journey, come back to this blog post, send me a DM on Instagram, search on Google for more help to overcome rejection.

Everything Happens for a Reason – even when job hunting

I’m one of those people that believes in fate and the universe having my back. If I’ve been unsuccessful with this job, that means the universe knew it wasn’t going to work out.

You don’t miss what you didn’t have.

For all you know, that job might have been shit in the end. You would maybe hate it and wished you never took it. Tada – the universe saved you from this.

When the perfect match comes up, or a step closer to your perfect match comes along, you might get it, and there will be a reason why you got that instead.

Don’t Dwell on the Negatives – even in the face of rejection

It’s very easy to pick apart every second of the interview.

Why did I say that? I should have said this. I should have sat like this.


Thinking about all of the things you may have done wrong will not get you the job.

Sure, reflection is good. But make sure it’s productive reflection – if you think of something you could have done better, remember that for next time. Don’t let one sentence put you off and ruin the rest of your day.

What strengths can you take away from the interview or the application? Were you happy with how you worded an answer? Remember that and use it next time.

Your brain focuses on rejection more which can lead to you getting caught up in it and unable to escape. Spin it into a positive. Like we were saying above, it just wasn’t meant to be. Try thinking of bad things associated with the job. Maybe the commute was bad; the building wasn’t appealing; the staff were rude. Bye Felicia – you didn’t want to work there anyway!

Ok, that’s maybe a tad extreme and another position might open up there in the future, but to just help your mind get through it just now, it might help.

Don’t Forget About Your Strengths

Receiving that rejection can lead to you forgetting about everything you’re good at. Please Please Please don’t let that happen.

If you got an interview – yay, you got an interview!! There could’ve been over 50 people that applied for that job.

Just because the company didn’t want to hire you this time, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or you’re inadequate, or you’re not smart enough. It just wasn’t meant to be. That doesn’t mean you don’t have all those skills that are on your CV/resume.

If you have a degree – remember all the hard work that went into that – you got that.

If you worked part time for a while and built up customer service, time management and prioritisation skills – you still have them.

Overcoming and handling job rejection like a boss. Staying positive after being rejected from a job

Start Afresh

So, you didn’t get the job? Get back on the job search and keep trying.

Ok, maybe take a day or two to refocus your mind and get over the rejection, but when you feel ready to give it another go, go for it!

Each new job advert you like the look of is a new and fresh opportunity to show someone else how AMAZING you are. Which you mustn’t forget by the way!

If you’ve recently been unsuccessful on your search for a job, then I hope these tips on how to handle job rejection like a boss has helped you view it in a different light.

Rejection is not always a bad thing.

You have worth, you are worthy, and eventually someone will see that.

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