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Pink parcel period subscription box

This is my first period subscription box and so far I think it’s great! I recently received a package in the mail and found out that my mum had very kindly signed up for me to receive the box for a few months to see if I like it. Periods are the bane of every girl’s life and I’m always up for finding things to make it that little bit easier.

What is Pink Parcel?

Pink Parcel is a period subscription box service that delivers a box to you every month with some period essentials. There are various packages you can sign up to – 1 month is £12.99 and it’s free delivery! If you want to go for a little package deal, you can get a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year – prices can be found here.
After you’ve picked your package, you get to choose which brand of products you’d like to receive and which kind of products you’d prefer – I think this is a great perk as it means you can specify it to you.

What the pink parcel period subscription box looks like inside

What do you get?

In my box, I got a little pouch with some tampons & liners (great as a little handbag pouch); A box containing daily products i.e. day pads and tampons; A box containing night pads

Pouch containing products for you to take with you right now - liners and tampons the for later box contains products for you to use throughout the day e.g. pads and tampons from always the for night box contains night pads

A box containing treats for me – the best feature of the entire box in my opinion

Pink Parcel period subscription box - what's inside the for you box. Treats, sweets, makeup

As you can see, you get quite a lot for your money! I’m excited to try out the face mask & taste the fancy dark chocolate. I’ve already tried out the Therapy Balm from Scentered and the smell just made me feel so relaxed and calm!

I am very much looking forward to my next box and might do a little Instagram story for when that arrives – cheeky plug for you to follow my Instagram:

If you want to find out more about Pink Parcel, click here

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Sophie xx

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