Realistic Fitness Goals for Busy Women in 2019

Running shoes, weights and fruit to achieve a healthier lifestyle and increase fitness levels

So it’s 2019 – how did that happen?!

I know it’s a lot of people’s new years resolution every year to up their fitness game and get healthy but I’d really like to make that happen for me in a realistic and achievable way.

I see my blog taking a new direction this year. I am a 21 year old busy student living a ‘slightly’ hectic life and I’d like to document my journey of making fitness work for me. This in turn will hopefully help any of you lucky people that also lead a hectic life that have stumbled on this blog (hi). If you have any desire to learn more about this blog and me then check out my about me page.

As I have already mentioned I am a young, busy student. This means that I don’t have the time or money to spend in or fancy gyms – if I want to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle, I’m going to have to do it from home on a limited timescale and budget. I hope these easy to achieve, realistic health and fitness goals will set me up in good stead throughout 2019 so that I can achieve a healthy lifestyle as a busy, young woman.

Achievable fitness goals for busy women like me means breaking down my fitness aims so as not to put too much pressure on myself. I have therefore decided to breakdown these goals into quarterly targets.

orange 2kg weights to use for weight lift training exercises and increase fitness levels

Quarter 1 Fitness Goals: January – March

Although I want to get fit and healthy, I want to do it in a way that makes my fitness goals achievable – this means I don’t expect myself to go head first straight away.

In my experience, jumping in will usually result in me giving up not long after I start. I therefore aim to make the start of the year my ‘baby-steps’ to a healthy, fit lifestyle.


As mentioned above, I will not be going to a gym. I thus need to find easy workouts that I can do at home and exercises that don’t take up a lot of time.

I think that an achievable goal for me starting out on my fitness journey is to work-out properly twice a week and increase this to three in March, and also do various other fitness activities as the week goes on.
To me, working out properly means spending the time to complete multiple exercises according to a plan.

Workout Plans

To ‘workout properly’, I will be following various workout plans that I find on Pinterest that are tailored towards fitness for beginners. Although I do not see myself as a beginner in terms of fitness, I think that starting out small will benefit my outlook in the long-run.

Some of these workout plans are specific to cardio or strength, and some cover both. I aim to make use of both so that my body can get used to this type of fitness. For example, one workout session will be cardio, the other will be strength.

For some of the strength workouts, I will also incorporate my weights which are 2 kg. Weights can be a great extra step to tone up your muscles if you want to try making the plan slightly more challenging.

Other Fitness Activities

Other fitness activities that I aim to do is to go on walks throughout the week. Being a busy student, I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk staring at my screen.

I therefore want to spend just half an hour a few times a week taking a walk along the beach, through a park, or just walking around my neighbourhood.

I also want to end my day with some yoga. I have dabbled with yoga in the past but never got stuck in properly. I want to find some quick yoga practices that I can do to de-stress before going to bed. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

Healthy Eating

I’m not the most adventurous with my food choices so I can find it difficult to find healthy meals and snacks that will suit my tastes.

I therefore want to find healthy, balanced meals for picky eaters so that I can share them with people like me.

First of all, I would like to try out new fruit and vegetables throughout Quarter 1 so that I can start building a list of healthy foods that I can work with.

However, the whole point in achievable health and fitness goals is that you don’t go cold turkey straight away. Therefore, I will not cut out every single treat that I enjoy as this is not practical or realistic.

Quarter 2 – April – June

Now that I have ran through my basic plans and ideas, for the remaining quarters I will briefly expand on points already mentioned.


By April, I hope to have got my fitness to a level that means I can work with more challenging workout plans. I will therefore use more plans that I find on Pinterest.

I also hope to be at the stage where I am consistently reaching my aim of working out three times a week.

As well as plans that I find on Pinterest, I would like to make use of apps such as the 7-minute workout and 8-fit. I have looked at these before and I enjoy the short burst of a workout, this works well for me as I have to workout out on a limited time. The 7-minute workout is great for days where I literally have seven minutes spare to workout!

Healthy Eating

By this point in my fitness journey, I hope to have found different foods that I can then start making new meals from. To do this, I will be searching Pinterest for healthy meals that are easy to make and does not cost too much.

Quarter 3 – July – September

By this quarter, I will no longer be a student and I hope to be in part-time for full-time employment. I will therefore continue to have a need for workouts that I can fit in to my schedule.


At this point in the year, I aim to increase my workouts to four days a week. This can be alternating between following workout plans and using the apps for short bursts.

I hope to be following workout plans that require more from me in terms of stamina and concentration and I aim to be at this point by this quarter.

I also aim to be at a stage where I can make use of other fitness equipment i.e. more weights, resistance bands.

I would like to be practising yoga more regularly to increase my flexibility and strength. Also, as it will be Summer, I hope to make good use of the weather and go for more walks or runs in the sun.

Healthy Eating

There’s not much more I can add to this point since the last quarter, except for the fact that I hope to be producing some meal plans for other people like me who do not have the time, or adventurous taste buds to go all out on the healthy meals and snacks.

Quarter 4 – October – December

BAM – it’s almost Christmas!!

Health and fitness can be difficult in the winter because of the dark nights, the cold, and all the sweet treats – but I hope I can still make my plan work to an extent.


Quarter 4 is usually a busy time for me as a student due to exams and essays but as I won’t be a student anymore, I have yet to figure out what my life might look like at this time.
Therefore, I would like to keep the aim of working out four times a week alternating between the workouts. However, I would like to increase the challenge again by doing workouts that continue to push me.

Due to learning what works for me and for different parts of my body, I hope to be at a stage where I can start producing my own workouts to follow and publish online for busy women like me.

It might not be achievable in the dark, winter months to go out for so many walks but I would like to aim to go at least once a week.

Healthy Eating

For me, a realistic, healthy eating plan for winter looks like continuing the plan I have followed throughout the year, but also allowing the frequent chocolates and dinners that comes with Christmas time.

strawberries, apple and tangerine are healthy fruit choices for a well-balanced diet

Fitness goals do not have to be impossible. As you can see from the above, I have set realistic goals for myself that I know are achievable for the position that I am in.

I hope these goals have given you some inspiration for what you can achieve in 2019!

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Realistic and achievable fitness goals for busy women that do not have the time to exercise, eat healthily and keep fit on a tight timescale and budget


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  1. Your fitness goals are awesome, I too need to take on a little bit more in the way of exercise and healthy eating but have been so busy and stressful this last year so baby steps it is. Loved the post, hope you acheive all your goals.

    1. Thank you!

  2. Sophie, I admire your commitment to be fit and healthy this year. I so need to take a leaf out of your book. Wishing you all the best xx

    1. Thank you Abbie, let’s hope I can stick to it! x

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