Small Changes Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Small changes you can make towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle
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Living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life is something I really want to focus on in the future.

Nobody’s perfect (cue Hannah Montana). I can’t completely change my lifestyle in a small amount of time; or avoid everyday occurrences that I can’t help.

But I think that there are small things that you can do every now and again, or try and avoid doing certain things as much as you can, that can help you to achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

This post isn’t going to be me breathing down your neck about all the things you should be doing. This is just some of the things that I do, or plan to start doing, that are more eco-friendly that might give you some ideas if this is something you want to do too.

Turn off the taps

VERY BASIC but so easy. This is something I’ve done for YEARS but frustratingly I can’t seem to convince other people in my house to follow suit.

When you’re brushing your teeth, just turn the tap off. You don’t need it on the whole time.

Switching to reusable cotton pads

I have makeup wipes that I need to use up; and I will use wipes in the future. But when I saw a tweet about reusable cotton pads I thought it would be a good idea for me to get some.

I use micellar water every night to take off my makeup and I just recently purchased these* from Amazon so that I can stop using the one-time use cotton pads.

Buy reusable cotton pads to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle


I try to recycle as much things as I can. Sometimes it’s hard, or you forget, but it’s a very easy thing to start doing or do more of.

I know it can be frustrating, but every piece of packaging should have instructions for recycling and 80% of the time you can just chuck the whole thing into the recycling bin.

Buy reusable straws

I recently bought these collapsible straws* from Amazon too and I’m so excited to use these. Who would’ve thought I’d get excited about some collapsible straws?!

I like using straws with fizzy drinks or fruit drinks to protect my teeth a bit more but plastic straws are obviously not environmentally friendly and the paper ones are a bit naff aren’t they?

The ones I have are silicone so they don’t change the taste of the drink; and they collapse into a case so they’re very easy to take with you.

Buy reusable straws to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle

Switch off

This is something I know I need to be better at. Sometimes I leave my TV on standby rather than switching it off at the wall but it’s a small thing I know I can easily change towards sustainability.

Unplugging things can make a huge difference, even to your monthly bills!

Reuse bags

I rarely buy a new carrier bag.

An easy step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle is to reuse bags you already have. That could be reusing the bags you get from the supermarket; or buying bags like the one below that are bigger and more sturdy.

Buy a reusable bag to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle

And those are some of the small changes that you can make that can make living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle a little bit easier.

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