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The third instalment of our blog series is all about FINANCE

As I go to the University of Aberdeen and I am from Scotland, I will give a little breakdown as to how paying for uni works here:

  • Scottish students (and other European students who come to Scotland to study, I’m not sure how it works for other British students) do not have to pay tuition fees – the government pays for our studies,  and we do not pay this money back. For this to happen, we must apply through an organisation called SAAS ( This is done around April/May and this ensures that our tuition will be paid for. Our funding is not automatically “renewed”, so we therefore have to re-apply each year but that’s not a great inconvenience.
    I am so grateful that our government does this for us as it encourages more people to study at university.
  • We also have the option of taking out a student loan – a SAAS loan. We do pay this back. I have taken out a loan the past couple of years as I wasn’t sure how expensive student life would be and I was in the middle of purchasing a car, insurance, a new laptop etc. Depending on whether you live alone, your household income and other criteria, the amount you can receive will change. This money is only paid back once you are earning a certain amount a year (£17,775) and this money comes out of your salary before you receive it.  For more information click here – SAAS Guidance.

So that’s how tuition and loans work here in Scotland.

Some further finance tips:

  • Get a job – I work part-time and this has really helped me keep on top of everything.
  • Spend carefully – I’m more of a saver anyway but if you have a lot of things to pay for, it’s really beneficial to break down your income and expenses – and budget accordingly. Make sure to prepare for any unexpected expenses and do some research on the cost of books etc. (For example, most of my law books are around £40 and I need to buy around 4 books every semester).
  • Shop around – don’t buy something you need at the first price you see. See if other supermarkets are selling it cheaper or try and find a voucher code. If you’re looking for wi-fi, gas, electricity providers etc., use price comparison sites.

I hope this has given you some sort of background on how paying for uni works in Scotland. Any questions then feel free to leave a comment or send me an email! 🙂

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  1. Before going to uni I thought about moving to Scotland to get a free degree but it’s very far for me and I believe you have to live there three years to qualify? Not too sure but that’s what I heard.

    I love your finance tips, I’ve tried using those and when I stick to them it generally works haha, but I’m a bit of a shopaholic…

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