My Trip to London | My Favourite UK City

My Trip to London | My Favourite UK City

A trip to London is always one of my favourites. I’ve only been to London 3 times (1 when I was just a little girl) but the 2 more recent trips were everything I’d hope they’d be.


Premier Inn

On my most recent trip we stayed at the Premier Inn in Victoria which was a perfect location! Obviously accommodation can be rather expensive in London but I feel like you can always count on a Premier Inn. The hotel was about a 5 minute walk from Victoria station which was fantastic! There were also many pubs, restaurants and shops all around. The hotel was also within close walking distance of many tourist spots including Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

What We Did

We were only there from Friday to Sunday which was not enough time at all but we did get a few things done

Day 1

We were checked in by about 12pm which was great as we had most of Friday left. We first went to the The Prince of Wales which was great for a quick sandwich before we got going.

We then made our way to Buckingham Palace where we then found out Eamonn Holmes was getting an OBE – didn’t see him unfortunately!

Next, we travelled on to Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. I don’t know what it is but it’s always great seeing the spot you see on the TV all the time!!

After this, we took the tube to Oxford Street and headed down to Selfridges (the shoe department is my personal favourite).

We decided to head back after this where we chilled for a while before getting dinner at The Brougham which did a GREAT pizza by the way!

Day 2

Shopping Time!! We took the tube out to Westfield ready for some shopping. This was my second time here and both times I was in amazement! It feels like you’re in an American Mall – it’s that ginormous!

We stayed there until around 3pm, we then headed hack to the hotel ready for the evening.

We didn’t want to go to London and not see a show – cue Motown the Musical.

London Trip Tourist Show Theatre

We didn’t know what to expect from this but I was pleasantly surprised! The singers were amazing and I didn’t know the story of Motown so it was both educational and entertaining.

Day 3

Home time☹️ First on the list for Sunday was the London Eye. We had already pre-booked tickets but still had to queue (however not for long). The view was unreal! It is a tad expensive (£26/person) but if you can afford it it’s a great way to fill some time.

We then took the tube to Harrods and had a stroll around there – another unbelievable place. I can’t even imagine what it looks like at Christmas time (if you have any pictures please let me know!!)

It was then time to grab a bite to eat and get ready to head back to Gatwick.

I had such a great time in London – it’s definitely my favourite place in the UK. Every area feels like you’re in a different place and I love the fast pace of the city.

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What do you like about London? Where should I go next time I’m there?

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