My Back to University Checklist 2017

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So it’s that time of year again where we need to get that checklist out and begin our “going-back-to-uni shop”. I live at home so this post is a run-down of all stationary bits+bobs you might find handy to have

Some of these things might sound simple, but just in case – here we are:

  • A laptop & laptop cover: I have a regular sized laptop (a hp one to be exact) where I do all my work at home. I also have a mini Acer laptop to take with me to class. I bought the mini-laptop in my second year of uni as I quickly realised 1) I prefer to type notes, & 2) My normal laptop is too heavy to take with me
  • Along with a laptop, access to wi-fi & a printer will also come in very handy
  • Notebooks – My personal preference is when the paper has punch holes at the side
  • Planner/Diary – I recently bought a weekly planner from b&m bargains and I must say, I’m very excited to use it. Even if you don’t jot down everything in your diary, I find it really useful knowing what needs to be done and for when.
  • Binders & Folders – These are helpful for any print-outs, question papers, old essays, example essays etc. It’s just handy having everything in the one place
  • Sticky tabs & post-its – I use these a lot in my course books. It saves you a lot of time if you keep tabs on what pages you look at the most or some important knowledge you don’t want to forget
  • Lastly – pens, pencils, eraser, stapler…the absolute basics. Even if you do type your notes, you never know when you’ll need a pen! And a stapler is always just helpful to have around to keep everything together.

There’s probably something I’m forgetting but if you have these basics you should be set!

If you want some more information on my university experience, click here: My University Course

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  1. That’s actually a really good idea to get a mini laptop for school. I honestly never thought of that. I used to carry around my big ol’ laptop everywhere. Had to carry t separately from my backpack, it was a total pain! Definitely considering getting one for next semester. Great ideas in here!

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