What I Love About Christmas

What I love About Christmas tree decorations music food films festive

Christmas is one of the best things that happens throughout the whole year. Since I’ve been MIA for the past while due to exams, I thought I’d write a quick post about my favourite things at this time of the year!

Favourite things about Christmas decorations toys

Christmas Music

So the let’s be honest, I don’t think I’m the only one that starts to get sick of hearing Christmas songs by the time the 20th December rolls around. However, up until that point (and when I want to reignite that Christmas flame), I love blasting a bit of Michael BublĂ© and Wizzard. I can’t pick an all-time favourite song – there’s just too many hits for me to choose just one. What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Christmas Films

Again, I love a good Christmas film. My favourites are signatures – Elf, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street etc. However, I do also like the films that aren’t really Christmas films but they kind of are because of a running theme. For example, Die Hard is a great film and it’s sometimes classed as a Christmas film because of the action happening at Christmas (obviously). I love a mix of signature full-on Christmas films, and films with a passing nod to Christmas.


Favourite things about Christmas decorations merry

Buying Presents

I never used to understand when people said “I love seeing the reaction when someone opens my present”. I think it was because I just didn’t buy good presents. However, I think I’ve done pretty good this year and now I’m the one that CANNOT wait to see some people open their presents from me!

Christmas Decorations

One of my absolute favourite things at this time of year, is driving past streets full of Christmas lights. I love the colours, the designs – everything! I also love seeing how everyone else has decorated their tree – personally I’m a warm light kind of gal but some people do present their colourful trees very elegantly indeed!
I’m also not one to turn down Christmas bedding so if there’s some going, you best bet that it’ll be featuring on my bed over the festive period!


Favourite things about Christmas tree decorations baubles lights

Christmas Specials

Another great thing is the fact that nearly every TV programme will bring out a “Christmas Special”. I LOVE a good Christmas special! Bake Off – I’m there…Celebrity Juice – Yes please.

Christmas Day

Lastly – but definitely not least, is Christmas day itself. The build-up is finally over, it’s time to sit with all the family, open some presents, eat that amazing dinner, and play some games until your heart’s content. Christmas day is just filled with so much happiness (not to sound clichĂ©). But everyone is cheerful and excited, everyone can forget about their worries for a while and just enjoy the day!

So that’s a few of some of my favourite things about this time of the year – “The most wonderful time of the year” some might say. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

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Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and best wishes for 2018!

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