What It’s Like to Study Law – My Experience

What It's Like to Study Law studying university workload assessment studies notes books textbooks

It’s coming up to that time of year where you have to get that application in for university. But first, you’ve got to know what it is you want to study! So in case you’re considering the legal route, here’s a brief look at what it’s like to study law.


My Uni & Course

I’ve already written about my university and why I chose to study law a while back so for a bit more detail about my uni, check that post out: My Uni & Course
But in the meantime, I am studying a Degree of LLB with Honours at the University of Aberdeen. My course lasts 4 years and I’m currently in my third year. In the first two years, we study compulsory courses but then when you reach third year,  you pick ‘honours’ classes. These classes are worth more credits and you delve right into the specifics of that area of law. There’s also much more independent study for these classes.

What I’ve Studied So Far

Obviously every University is different but in my two full years, I have studied:
First Year: Criminal Law, Legal System, Foundations of Private Law, Contract, Public Law & Human Rights, Legal Method

Second Year: Delict (Tort) & Unjustified Enrichment, EU Law, Property Law, Commercial Organisations & Insolvency, Family Law, Intro to Legal Theory, Succession & Trusts

If you want to find out exactly what you’ll be studying, a lot of the universities will display a list and a small description of each course. Here’s the University of Aberdeen’s on law: Law Degree


what it's like to study law workload textbook book notes notebook studying studies

I’m not going to lie, my university years have been the most stressful years of my life so far. But this is expected. I just didn’t know how much of a jump it entailed. A law degree is full of reading – whether it’s textbooks, legislation, or cases, you’ve got to get stuck in. A lot of my time is spent reading and taking notes of points to use in class or in essays. Again, each university will vary in terms of assessments but most classes in my case require the submission of an essay, and then there’s the exam for each course at the end of the semester.
Essay time is when my life gets the most hectic and the most stressful – trying to find relevant points, make up a word count, and work on your other classes at the same time can get a bit much sometimes. You get there in the end because you know you have to, if you have to stay up until 3am that’s what you’ve got to do – I haven’t had to do this yet so here’s hoping I never have to!

Best Advice I Can Give

It’s a lot of work and a lot of time has to be dedicated to your studies. The best advice I can give for studying law is to plan and manage your time as best as you can! If you want a further blog post on this, let me know!!

But PLEASE don’t let this put you off – if you think a career in law is for you, go for it!! Those years will be worth it in the end (at least I hope so). Even if you don’t want to be a lawyer, there are so many opportunities open to you when you have a law degree – just think of the desirable skills you will have when you’re finished!

So that’s what it’s been like for me studying law. Like I said, it’s A LOT of work but I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to see what doors will be open to me when I graduate.

Sophie xx

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