Why I’m Saying NO to a Niche

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Niche – every blogger’s favourite word.

I have now tried 3/4 niches and have failed miserably at every one.

So for now (I will probably change my mind in the future), my blog will be a bit of everything and more for me to have fun with my blog while I figure it out.

My Niches in the Past

In the past, my blog has been general lifestyle, organisation, health and wellness, fashion. How much consistency did this create on my blog? None.

I think I was, and still am, quite good with coming up with blog post ideas and researching them, but when it came to actually writing them and taking pictures for them, I sometimes had no want or excitement to follow through with it.

For example, I have a long list of fashion blog post ideas that I was excited to write about. But then I realised I don’t have the products for it, or the means and time to take the pictures – and then my list stays just that, a non-executed list.

Why Did I Want a Niche?

Every time you read a blog post about making money from blogging, they all say – HAVE A NICHE.

And I understand this completely. To make good money, it makes a lot of sense for you to be a reliable expert in a topic.

My problem? I’m 21 and a recent graduate – I don’t have much expertise in anything that I would like to blog about every week.

I think it would be amazing to be self-employed and for my online space to provide me with a reliable income. And that was why I thought I needed a niche. If I wanted to make this work for me as a full-time gig, I needed a niche NOW.

But it doesn’t work like that. I’m not going to be a full-time blogger within the next year. That takes A LOT of time and dedication.

I forgot about why I started a blog – it looked fun. And I wasn’t having fun.

Why I’m Saying No to a Niche

I’m not saying I will never niche down. Maybe as time goes on, I will find something that I am really passionate and knowledgeable about and I want to write about it.

But until then, I really want to just blog for the reason I started in the first place. I want to just blog about what I’m feeling at the time – which can be a lot. I just wrote a post about what happens after you graduate – you can’t do that with a fashion blog. I have a post coming up about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle – that doesn’t fit with strict niches but it’s something I wanted to blog about.

Maybe I’m being very naive and stubborn, and I’ll maybe regret it in the future. But there are many blogs that I enjoy reading because I like the person and I’m interested (well, nosey) in what they have to say.
Some of my favourites include: Abi, Brogan, Kelly, Sophie.

When I see other people saying no to a niche, they speak about how their niche is their audience. And I really like that. I see my target audience being like-minded people that just want to learn new things, find new ideas, and relate to someone. And I hope that in the future, that is something that I can provide.

Do you have a niche? Do you enjoy having a niche? Are you saying no to a niche?

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